To Vent or Not To Vent

Anger is a very powerful, yet normal and common emotion. Some people would argue that ‘venting’ is healthy. Others would say anger projects ‘power’ and ‘confidence’ and can many a time get you what you want! Yes, ‘bottling up’ emotions is unhealthy, yet releasing them in ways that are uncontrolled is not the solution. And ‘angrily’ getting needs met by being intimidating breeds ‘fear’ and ‘hatred’ in others rather than ‘respect’ and ‘understanding’.

Experiencing anger by itself isn’t harmful, good, or bad.

Expressing it in an unproductive manner is.

Expressing anger passive – aggressively, or aggressively not only negatively impacts relationships and careers but also affects the mental and physical well being of the person.

Managing anger isn’t about ‘not feeling angry’ at all! It is about understanding the ‘feeling’ behind the emotion and expressing it in a ‘controlled’ manner so that the ‘need’ behind the ‘feeling’ has a stronger chance of being met, without adversely affecting the relationship, the person experiencing it, or the surrounding environment.

Coaching in anger management helps individuals manage their emotions positively and constructively, by enabling them to understand their emotions; and provides them with strategies and techniques for identifying signals and coping with ‘triggers’ . I , as a certified life coach, use an insightful questioning approach to manage the clients’ perspective of situations, and work with my client to identify productive counter approaches and responses in sensitive scenarios and situations. Empathy, assertive communication, stress management, expectation management, judgement, and impulse control are some of the areas that I explore during coaching conversations.

Coaching helps clients communicate their emotions more assertively so that they are able to enjoy and manage, and benefit from, relationships and the professional and social environment around them better.