I coach my clients to their potential, not to their current abilities.

-Carolann Philips

Do you want to...

So, what does a coach do?

Well, let me tell you what I do.

I help you get clear about what you want, and what you’re capable of doing to get it.

I then support you on your journey of accomplishment, step-by-step, providing tailored support, and empowering you to leverage your strengths to overcome obstacles, as you reach for your goal and accomplish it!

Once you crush it, together we decide if you want to keep going, or if you’re in a happy place for now!

Coaching Solutions I Offer

One-on-One Coaching

Common coaching themes I’ve worked with

Leadership development, professional growth & development, career goals and transitions, performance enhancement, potential realization, skill building, limiting behaviors, succession planning and grooming for advancement.

Group/Team Coaching

Common coaching themes I’ve worked with

Relationship building, goal setting, expanding awareness, belief systems, strengths and challenges, vision and values, team culture building.

Monthly Retainer

Common coaching themes I’ve worked with

All talent development aspects that impact an organization’s performance and culture.

What's it like to work with me?

“Thanks, CA. Our sessions were so inspiring and energizing. It’s amazing how I was able to identify my real problem. As you made me realize, I’m my only problem. I just got selected […]”
T. R.
Assistant Manager
“I wait for our sessions, Carolann. Although I enjoy speaking with you, I must say that your coaching activities make our sessions so interesting. I don’t usually like talking a lot, but somehow you get me to express myself. I'm happy that the company selected me for coaching.”
S. K.
“When GM told me that I’m nominated for coaching I did not like it. I had attended coaching before but did not find much value. From first session I benefitted with you. My team also noted my changes especially during the meetings and when I am under pressure. Yesterday Ahlam mentioned to me that […]”
S. W.
Administrations Manager
“ You've been helpful Carolann. The coaching sessions has supported us well. The quality thinking time was great. Thank you for being flexible and patient over the last 6 months, I think we have achieved a lot.”
A. B.
“Thanks CA. This coaching initiative was the best investment we have made so far. Your ROI analysis was a winner for the department. We will keep this going.”
Head of Training
"[...] it was really so difficult for me I don't know why. But you made it so simple. Honestly I did not think I would do it.
Z. A.
Relationship Officer

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