Stop Feeling Overwhelmed!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Feeling like things are out of control?

Take a sheet of paper. Draw and label the circles like you see in this picture.

Take some time to think about all the things that you are presently worrying about.

  1. Things that you have complete control over, (that you can resolve without help from anyone else), list these in the circle labeled “within my control”.
  2. Things that you have partial control over, or some influence over, through your actions or behavior, list these in the circle labeled “I can influence”.
  3. Things that you are worried about, which you have absolutely no control over, or can’t influence in any way through either your actions or behaviors, list these outside in the area labeled “everything else”.


  • For the items that are within your control, TAKE ACTION. Write down what you will do and by when. Do at least one things RIGHT AWAY to feel immediately better!
  • For the items you have some influence over, write down what you will do and specify a time/date by which you will do this. Follow through with action.
  • And for those items that you’ve listed in the ‘everything else’ zone…let them go!!! Strike them out on the paper and get them out of your mind!

Feel better?