3 Ways to Support Leadership

There’s a lot written and said about what leaders should do for their teams, but very little about what teams could do for their leaders!

During times such as this, leaders are in the unenviable position of finding clear answers, when no answers exist. They are struggling to find ways to balance the safety and security of their people with the productivity and sustainability of the organization. They are grappling for solutions that minimize disruption and preserve business continuity. They are striving to demonstrate stability and calm in an environment that is mentally and emotionally challenging.

Leaders are expected to be infallible, almost super human! But they are human too, and they are working a job, just like most of us! Everybody needs a support system, and leaders are no different!

Here’s 3 things we could do to support leadership during this time:

• Stay disciplined and productive:

Follow the rules and guidelines. Adhere to policies and procedures. Create a proactive dashboard of tasks and complete them. Deliver on performance expectations. Feel accountable. Take ownership. Draw on intrinsic motivation to stay upbeat, and effective.

• Empathize with decisions:

Difficult times call for difficult measures. While we may not like, agree, or accept some of the decisions they make at this time, we could recognize, understand, and acknowledge the circumstances and purpose behind them. Why do these decisions need to be made? What would happen – short term and long term – if these decisions are not made?

• Show support:

A simple “we value your leadership at this time”, or “You are not alone”, message or post, will mean a lot. Offer tangible suggestions. Make information available to them so they aren’t blindsided. Talk situation, not personal. Provide solutions. Prevent complaints. Be available. Act as ambassadors of the organization by showcasing their words and deeds in positive ways to social media audiences and online followers.

As said, “A leader is only as good as their team.” It’s time for us to step up.