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Programs I Deliver

Business Etiquette and Protocol

 The purpose of these practical workshops is to empower individuals to project a positive, confident, professional image and reputation.

Accredited by Etiquette Survival LLC, California.

Some of the workshops I deliver:

➤ Professional Protocol is Profitable

➤ Executive Essentials to Exceed and Excel

➤ Cross Cultural Awareness for Business Advantage

➤ Workplace Etiquette and Protocol

➤ Business Dining Etiquette

Business English Skills Development

I design and deliver bespoke Business English Skills development programs specifically designed for employees who need to improve their business English quickly, for more effective interactions with clients, colleagues and suppliers.

Some of the workshops I’ve delivered:

➤ Let’s Talk Business – For Oil & Gas personnel

➤ Business English, the ‘Write’ Way – For Insurance personnel

➤ Business English for Service Excellence

Let’s Talk Business!

Business English for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, & Senior Professionals

Is your lack of business English skills undermining your professional credibility, confidence, or charisma?

Are you uncomfortable conducting business in an English-speaking environment?


The main objective of the program is to quickly boost the business English competencies of entrepreneurs and professionals, who are otherwise successful and accomplished in their respective field.

What you will learn:

➤ How to use business English vocabulary appropriately and confidently

➤ Manage business activities like meetings, presentations, negotiations, conferences, writing e-mails etc. in English

➤ Discuss and respond in English on topics that are current and relevant

➤ Socialize comfortably with others in English

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