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Employees who interact with customers and who act as the face and voice of the organization are key players in driving the organization’s success.

Imagine the business damage an untrained frontline sales or service representative can cause versus the business wins he or she can generate! It takes years for employees to acquire top-notch interpersonal skills through ‘on the job’ learning alone, and in these competitive and dynamic times, time is of the essence.

Programs I Deliver

Interpersonal Business Communication Skills

This practical workshop follows the skill-drill methodology to ensure successful application of learning.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Apply basic and advanced communication tools and strategies at all four levels of a conversation

➤ Communicate with clarity and impact using the SOAR and STAR communication models in various business situations, including e-mail writing

➤ Learn and apply verbal, non-verbal, and written techniques to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness

Customers First

This practical, skills-based workshop provides participants with the necessary tools and techniques to deliver customer service excellence.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Learn and apply action-oriented service guidelines to identify and satisfy a customer’s needs and wants within the organization’s limitations

➤ Use advanced interpersonal skills to manage complaints and ensure service recovery

➤ Develop essential verbal and written service communication skills to build rapport, gain sales, and deliver a service beyond expectation

Professional Selling Skills

This fast-paced, practical workshop helps participants acquire and apply the necessary selling skills for enhanced business performance.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Learn the various dimensions of selling and apply tools to effectively manage the pre-sales process

➤ Learn and practice the ODPEC/REED buying and selling process

➤ Learn and apply various selling techniques such as BSA, and SPIN to successfully manage sales conversations

Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines

This practical workshop provides participants with practical strategies and options to help them manage their time more effectively and work more efficiently.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Explore time stealers and identify ways to manage them

➤ Learn effective time management techniques by applying prioritization strategies

➤ Learn the process of managing multiple tasks and deadlines, and practice them using best practice tools and techniques

Embracing Change

This practical workshop provides participants with the necessary motivation and tools to overcome resistance to change and enable them to successfully embrace and flourish through it.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Explore the mind-sets towards change and work on them to empathize with change

➤ Practice a 5 step model to move out of the ‘comfort-zone’ and through the transition process

➤ Apply tools to reinforce the change and become a change champion

Team Work and Collaboration

This activity-based workshop helps participants perform as an effective work group, foster team work, and create a supportive work culture.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Learn and practice strategies for setting team goals and building a team identity

➤ Apply best practice strategies for team problem-solving and gaining team consensus

➤ Learn and practice coordination, cooperation, and collaboration strategies for effective team work

Planning & Organizing

This practical workshop shows participants how to work in a more productive environment and build skills for high performance.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Learn and apply planning tools and techniques at the strategic, operational, and tactical level

➤ Learn and practice planning and organizing tools for individual as well as team effectiveness

➤ Develop habits and behaviors that sustain planning and organizing efforts

Critical and Creative Thinking

This high-energy, interactive workshop builds the skills of participants to help them think creatively and critically in workplace situations for enhanced productivity and performance.

Top 3 Objectives:

Apply techniques to overcome mental blocks

Learn and practice using various creative and critical thinking tools to assess work situations and issues

➤ Apply thinking techniques to convert ideas to practical business solutions

Problem Solving and Decision-making

This practical workshop enables participants with the tools necessary to think through common and less-common workplace issues, and make effective decisions towards solving them.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Learn an apply a structured problem-solving process to a relevant workplace situation

➤ Use evaluative decision-making tools to objectively identify options and to select the ‘best’ option

➤ Use strategic problem-solving and decision-making tools to evaluate future risks and identify potential solutions

Saying ‘No’ with Value

This engaging workshops shows participants how to assertively express themselves in the workplace and manage challenging situations with customers, vendors, and other associates more effectively.

Top 3 Objectives:

Understand and appreciate the need to learn to say no with value, and to apply it in the workplace

Identify specific situations in the workplace where saying no with value applies

Apply a range of tools and techniques to say no with value, based on behaviors and situations

Achievement Orientation and Goal Setting

This practical workshop enables participants with key tools to develop an achievement-oriented mind-set, create results-oriented goal plans, and develop personal strategies for building achievement motivation.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Learn strategies for developing a growth oriented mind-set

➤ Learn and apply achievement motivation techniques

➤ Learn and use a resulted-oriented planning template to create a goal plan

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