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Data and research indicate that 71% of organizations say that their leaders are not ready to lead their organizations into the future.

Leadership, for me, is a set of behaviors and skills that inspire others to move towards a better future.

With the right mind-set and character, these behaviors and skills can be developed.

I design and deliver world-class leadership skills workshops that enable individuals to hone their skills in order to optimize leadership performance.

Programs I Deliver

Take the Lead!

A Leadership Exploration and Development Program – this interactive and engaging workshop is intended for new leaders, or those preparing for a leadership role.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Introduce the concepts and approaches of leadership

➤ Familiarize participants with the challenges and opportunities of a leadership role

➤ Cultivate front line leadership skills and practices

Developing Executive Leadership Presence

This fast-paced, practical workshop provides an opportunity for participants to fine-tune their leadership competencies, while also acquiring new skills.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Strengthen core leadership abilities with insights and deeper understanding of leadership competencies

➤ Explore a range of leadership approaches and models relevant to your role

➤ Learn how to develop and communicate a personal brand

Empowering Others

This interactive workshop provides participants with ready-to-apply techniques to effectively delegate and empower others.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Review best practices and processes for autonomy in the workplace

➤ Apply theories of motivation and empowerment to enhance workplace performance

➤ Implement a long term empowerment plan to sustain engagement and morale

How to Inspire and Influence to Achieve Results

This workshop offers participants practical tools to foster cooperation and collaboration and encourage others to take action.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Apply strategies for overcoming biases and limiting beliefs

➤ Demonstrate the push and pull methods of influence

➤ Use the 6 phase process to constructively influence others

Leadership Skills for Women

This engaging, high energy workshop provides participants with an opportunity to discover and develop powerful tools and techniques to create an authentic leadership presence.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Learn and integrate masterful leadership practices

➤ Develop behaviors that impact the perception of others

➤ Explore techniques and strategies that build resilience, gravitas, authority, credibility, and authenticity

7 Skills for Highly Effective Leaders

This comprehensive, skill-based workshop provides participants with the tools and techniques to be successful in their leadership role.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Use the 7 skills to build personal leadership power and influential relationships

➤ Execute the four key functions o leadership: Direct, Delegate, Develop, and Deliver with ease

➤ Extend and expand impact in your role

Leading Through Change

This hands-on workshop provides participants with the necessary tools to effectively manage and lead change within the organization.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Identify and select appropriate change strategies and behaviors

➤ Apply a change management model

➤ Develop a successful change management plan

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

This interactive workshop helps participants to develop an in-depth awareness of the concepts of emotional intelligence and how they can be applied in leadership.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Understand how EQ influences the role of leadership

➤ Use techniques to regulate emotions of self and others to facilitate more productive outcomes

➤ Expand credibility and influence by adopting and enabling emotional behaviors

Leader as Coach and Mentor

This practical workshop provides participants with tools to develop their coaching and mentoring skills in order to become more effective leaders.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Learn the processes of coaching and mentoring and understand their similarities and differences

➤ Apply a range of skills such as active listening, powerful questioning, and providing effective feedback

➤ Learn how to coach for performance and under-performance

Strategic Leadership

This practical workshop provides participants with strategic thinking and planning tools and processes to assist them in developing and implementing a strategic vision for the organization.

Top 3 Objectives:

➤ Learn strategic thought processes and frameworks relevant for the role

➤ Apply different strategic thinking and strategic planning tools and techniques

➤ Create and implement a strategic vision, process, or plan

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