Show Me The Way!

I’m often asked which coaching model I use in my coaching practice. A coaching model is a coaching road map usually outlined by an easy-to-remember acronym. It is a method, structure, outline, or framework that facilitates the set-up and process for a coaching conversation and the overall coaching journey. It helps to provide some consistency …

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To Vent or Not To Vent

Anger is a very powerful, yet normal and common emotion. Some people would argue that ‘venting’ is healthy. Others would say anger projects ‘power’ and ‘confidence’ and can many a time get you what you want! Yes, ‘bottling up’ emotions is unhealthy, yet releasing them in ways that are uncontrolled is not the solution. And …

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Coaching Your People? Do it Right!

Coaching has become a very popular developmental tool in many organizations. There is no doubt that this method of enhancing individual and organizational performance is highly effective. Yet, the manner in which many organizations approach, design, structure, and implement coaching initiatives is questionable. Firstly, there is a mistaken perception that coaching is a more “elite” …

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